My mom’s sister Jessamine passed away in 2012. She left behind her aggressively colorful oil paintings and a portfolio website. Like all living material, though, her digital website has also run its course and can only be found through searching internet archives. Her online obituary has also been lost. In an attempt to preserve her legacy I’ve made this game: a tombstone, museum, and fragmented memory.

Through navigating the living and dead web I am thinking of my own online footprint’s temporality. I hope to leave accessible games, websites, and paintings behind which others may pick apart or archive once I am gone.


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Shit I've been meaning to comment here for a while but I wanted to do it when I finally got around to playing the game... (haven't been on computer for a while)

I love this environment, the gaudy frames and tiered spinning floors... all the floating descriptions... IDK if it's just the ashtrays or wha but it definitely feels somewhat somber to me... like I imagine picking up after her, helping her clean up. Helping preserve the space. It's also funny to have a person w a gun shooting at stuff, in a ways its like doing that FPS thing will make the game more appealing or give it a better chance at being interacted with... or preserved... if that makes sense. I'm just speculating/brainvomiting ofc!! not at all trying to assume your intentions behind anything. Those r just my feelies.

On a different note, the day you posted this it made me think to try and find my dad's old website. I had tried before using internet archive and I could never find it. But I looked it up again and somehow it was there, and I was so surprised. He died back in 2002 so it was wild to be able to find it!! 

Anyway I hope to spend more time w this, it's cool! Sorry for the huge block of text!!!